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What An Affiliate Marketing Network Program Is


An affiliate marketing network program serves two purposes. This is the perfect platform for online merchants as well as affiliates.

It is an advertising and marketing platform which helps merchants sell their products with the help of a sales force called affiliates.

For Online Merchants.

If you are a merchant, you don’t have to manage all aspects of an affiliate program, which could become a burden as your business grows.

These networks offer tools, technology and services to online merchants to track affiliate registrations, activities, and performance in order to generate payments for affiliates. Affiliates are online merchants’ sales force.

As an online merchant you could use an affiliate marketing network program to promote your products. It's one of the best strategies you can use as part of your overall marketing strategy.

It is particularly great if you sell digital goods. If you sell hard goods it’s still a good strategy. However, you’ll need lots of inventory to cover for sales generated through affiliates.

Benefits for online merchants are greater reach, improve brand awareness and revenue, and leverage their internet marketing efforts. Using affiliate partners would allow you as an online merchant to reach many more clients than on your own.

There’s a fee for merchants who join the network. The more support you get as a merchant, the higher the fee.

For Affiliates.

On the other hand, affiliate marketing network programs help affiliates establish partnerships with merchants whose products are a perfect match with their website content.

Affiliates (online sales force) receive commissions based on their performance. The performance required could be generating traffic or sales for merchants. Commissions are based on sales volume and price.

Vendors or merchants selling physical goods pay lower commissions than those selling digital goods.

As an affiliate, when joining an affiliate marketing network program, make sure to read and understand their partner agreements. Sometimes they have restrictions and rules you might not be aware of. Then if you break any of these rules they automatically cancel your account.

Affiliates benefit from these networks because they can contact thousands of verified merchants in one place. Verified merchants are reliable and honest, so affiliates know they’ll receive their earned commissions and on time.

There’s no cost for affiliates to join. Once accepted into the network, affiliates may apply to different merchants. Not all merchants accept international affiliates, so check their terms and policies individually.

You're going to want to know, how to become a successful affiliate marketer.  The fastest way to learn is by reading the Starting A Business From Home As An Affiliate Marketer Guide availabe inside the E-Biz Toolkit.

Here are some examples of the Affiliate Marketing Network Programs I have used.  This is why I can tell you some about them.  There are many more and you may find them on the web.

This network offers services for small to medium size merchants.  They sell primarily software, e-books, videos, and memberships.    They don't offer much support for affiliates but they offer very valuable information about the products that are hot sellers on their network, and trends on the market.  To access this information you must sign up thought, but it's free.  They accept merchants and affiliates from all over they world.  Newbies as well as experienced sellers may apply.  Learn more about it here...

Commission Junction:

They accept affiliates mainly from the US.  Sometimes they may accept from other countries as well, but their main focus of support is the US.  They prefer top performing affiliates or more experienced ones.  Newsbies will have a hard time getting accepted on the network or by the merchants on the network.  Another disadvantage of affiliates is that if after 6 months they have not sold anything, their account is cancelled.  Learn about them here...

This affiliate marketing network program offers great support for merchants and for affiliates.  They keep constant communications and try to find a match between your site content and their merchant partners.  They are international and accept affiliates from almost anywhere in the world.  They sell a variety of product types, selling software as well as hard stuff that needs to be shipped.  Read more next...

This network is very affiliate-friendly and of course offers great support to their merchants.  They have been rated as some of the top affiliate networks.  They keep great communications with their affiliates as well as support.  They accept affiliates from almost anywhere in the world.  The products they carry are digital as well as hard stuff that needs to be shipped.  Check them out here.

They accept affiliates mainly from the US and prefer more experienced affiliates.  They are not very supportive for affiliates and they don't communicate nor look for ways to help affiliates do better.  They seemed to me a very cold network.  However, they carry some niche products and you may not find at other affiliate marketing network programs.  To learn more...

You're going to want to know, how to become a successful affiliate marketer. The fastest way to learn is by reading the Starting A Business From Home As An Affiliate Marketer Guide it for free below...


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