Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

Affiliate Marketing Opportunities


Affiliate Marketing Statistics

Affiliate Marketing Statistics


Wondering where and how to find a good affiliate marketing opportunities?

Well, tapping into these opportunities could be easy or tricky.  You’ll just need to know where and what to look for.

If you are a beginner in the affiliate marketing arena, I would suggest that you start small and use the programs where it’s relatively easy to be accepted.  You first need to find an affiliate marketing network program, and then apply to be accepted on the network.

Once accepted, you can start browsing and searching for the products you want to promote and apply for each affiliate merchant program individually.

Remember that even when the network accepted you, the merchant might not.  It all depends on their terms and policies.  Some merchants only accept affiliates from certain countries.

Other merchants only want affiliates who are already established or experienced.  So, if you’re a newbie the best place to get started is  This network is very propular among affiliates.  It’s easy to join, to get paid, accepts international affiliates, and in general is one of the most reliable on the net.  They only sell digital goods.

Another place to find affiliate marketing opportunities is The Online Advertising Blue Book.  It is designed to provide affiliate networks the space to show exactly why a publisher or affiliate should choose them as a partner (published by LLC. mThink).  Check out their page and take a look at what affiliates consider to be the best affiliate marketing network programs at

Regarding the networks mentioned in the Blue Book, they all have their pros and cons.  So, always make sure you read their terms and conditions before applying.

Some of them don’t want newbies or  international affiliates.  Others, like Commission Junction, will close your account if you don’t produce a sale within 6 months.  So, before applying to any of the networks mentioned here do your due diligence about their requirements.  This is another reason why is an all-time favorite for affiliates as well as merchants.

Usually, it’s best to apply when your site is ready for prime-time and has at least 50 visitors per day(which you can check out using Google Analytics, Google Webmasters’ tools or other web-tracking tool), and your site is at least 50 to 100 pages long. Otherwise, your site might be rejected either by the network or by the merchant.

Another way to find an affiliate marketing opportunity is by going to the site with the products you want to promote.  Look on their sitemap or browse around the site and check whether they offer an affiliate, associate, or publisher program.

Check whether they belong to an affiliate marketing network program.  It’s best if they do, because this guarantees you that they are legitimate and that they have a good reputation.

Try as much as possible not to join programs where they use independent affiliate tracking software because this might mean that they were not accepted by the major networks because they might not have a good reputation.

Some merchants don’t publicize their affiliate marketing programs.  This is why it’s better to get started by joining the larger networks and look inside for the merchant or products you want to promote.

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