Best Affiliate Programs

Best Affiliate Programs

The best affiliate programs are not only those that pay high commissions but also that offer you the opportunity to earn life-time commissions or what’s called pasive income.

We have seen before on my article about what to look for from an affiliate merchant partner some of the issues we should be aware of that are part of what the best affiliate programs are.

In addition to what’s mentioned in that article, the best affiliate programs should:

They should not collect any fees for becoming an affiliate.

Have high traffic ration or visitors to their own website.

Provide lots of support material to help you promote their own products.  But, mostly they should go the extra mile to do so.

Whenever possible they should offer life-time commissions.

Also, if possible look for programs that offer a 2nd tier commision.  What this means is that if you bring someone else that joins their affiliate program, you could also make commissions from the sales that this person generates for life.

The best affiliate programs should help you succeed, because your success is theirs.

They should have a strong support system and guidance for you, their best partner in sales.

Another important aspect is payment schedule.  If they take more than 30 days to pay for your commissions, their program is not worth it.

The best affiliate programs provide free training, either by using white papers, reports, videos, or in the private members’ area.

Research to see whether their retuned products ratio is to high.  What this could reveal is that the product or customer service are not so great.

The best affiliate marketing programs should offer you the opportunity to try their products for free, so you don’t have to spend before you promote.  Almost all digital products offer a free trial.  This another reason why digital produts are the best to sell online.

A major plus would be to find programs that host blogs and forums.  This way you could ask and interact with real affiliates about their experience with the product-company, and some tips and advice as to what has worked for them, and what hasn’t.  This is a real support system.

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