Best Careers For The Future

Which will be the best careers for the future?


The best careers for the future will not only be those with greater job openings for the next 10 years, but also those with business potential.

These should have better opportunity to survive by having a web presence, long after the job openings have been met. There are at least 30 growing and sustainable careers according the US Department of Labor.

Here I’ll only mention 10 that I consider to have great future opportunity long after the 10 year prediction. Not only do these have great job prospects but also great business potential regardless of where in the world you live. These do not include Information Technology areas because they are obviously the first choice and second because they require very high levels of skill and education.

These are careers you can easily turn into businesses. So, while you get experience and training working in one of these areas, you would be also gaining more skills that you’ll invest in your future business.

Of course, no one can predict the future. However there are market trends that can give a little insight as to which goods or services will be in demand for the coming years. Spotting trends is useful for businesses and for those looking for career changes or new careers.

The best careers for the future with business potential should be those that better reflect market trends and the underlying needs of consumers.

The key to spotting these trends is to look for those aspects that embrace the collective feelings of the society. As a result, these should then be incorporated into the creation and production of goods and services that meet such demands.

By the way, services are growing and according to the Global Edge edicational portal, these will keep on growing for the next ten years.

Now, there are those products and services that are called ever green. This means that they will always be in demand as people are always going to need them.

Regardless of the economy and market behavior, the best careers for the future are those with business potential. Here’s my career change advice about this.

If you can’t find a job you can independently offer your services and be able to survive and even thrive. So, we should not only be looking to start a new career with a high demand, but also one with business potential.

The best careers for the future should require high levels of skill, education, and training. This does not necessarily mean a college education. If you have at least 3 to 5 years of experience in any field you will be considered an expert in that field for the most part.

For instance, if you want to start a consulting firm, you could use any knowledge or experince you have to get started and to be able to start gaining clients. Learn about starting a consulting practice here!

A good example of careers where you do won’t need to spend so much time and money on education and training and with future business potential are for instance, desktop publishing, graphic design, web design, illustration, visual communications, creative design, and technical or trade careers.

I’m not against academic-college education. However, if you want to get a degree in one of the best careers for the future, it would be better to do more research to make sure you will get a hands-on education or training that can be easily transferred into your offering your services independently.

On the other hand, the advantage of careers requiring high levels of skill, education, and training are more difficult to replace and this could set you apart from others. So, making a commitment to getting higher education could well pay off. However, the most likely to grow in the coming years are health and technology related.

One key factor that could become your competitive advantage is to have an online presence to offer your services, either locally or globabally. The future is online and those who want to reach more potential clients and create additional sources of income would only benefit from having a website to promote whatever is they are selling.

Building an online business has many advantages and the model is very flexible for those who want to keep working while at the same time building a sustainable income. At most jobs, you give so much of yourself and in the end, what are you left with? Having your own business is the only way to build future equity for you and your family.

Careers that represent a future business opportunity for you in the way of providing a service, have great future potential, particularly in local markets. Start small and local and then look to expand beyond your borders. There are still many markets waiting to be tapped into and the internet is becoming the research medium for local as well as international service providers.