Careers In Desktop Publishing

Careers In Desktop Publishing


Careers in desktop publishing today offer new and exciting  possibilities.  Living in the information era has trigger major changes and these careers are emerging with a different shape ready for a bright future.

If you're passionate about creating images and layouts  that communicate a story or important messages, it's a good time to tap into this opportunity.

Careers in desktop publishing used to involve formatting text, photographs, images, and illustrations into pages and documents for print only.

Now, the information era is rapidly changing the landscape for this occupation according to the US Department of Labor.

The first change is that with new technology the tasks involved in desktop publishing are increasingly for electronic publishing on the web and not so much for print anymore. As a result, traditional jobs in this area are likely to decline.

At the same time, the internet era is also opening new and exciting possibilities for careers in desktop publishing in many other ways. As a result, new ways to approach this fact are required, in order to take full advantage of new technologies available. New business models emerging as a result and we need to adapt to this too.

The second great change is that many companies that used to produce printing materials for their businesses are now making the transition to online publishing.

Not only because it’s less expensive, but also because the web is where consumers are. People are using the web for everything. This is a new way of living and doing business.

The first and best way to tap into these new opportunities is to start a desktop publishing business for online publishing. There are many different ways in which you could get into careers in desktop publishing in this new era. Here, I mention the most promising in my opinion.

I believe there are mainly 4 areas which, by the way are no so independent from each other. Activities could be combined within one business model. These approaches should be the most exciting and with better chances to become successful.

1. Webmaster:

The best opportunity among new careers in desktop publishing is to  combine the skills of a traditional desktop publishing into the new way to publish--online. Most companies are making the transition from traditional printing to electronic publishing and printing.

Becoming a web developer or a web designer is the best next move. This move represents the best fit.  This move would, of course, require some training.

For those with desktop publishing skills, the transition should not be hard at all. For those starting out, getting training on desktop publishing and web development or design is probably the best career combination to get started in the information era.

2. Printing:

As an independent business owner you may have a great advantage when targeting a niche market. Jobs in this area will quickly decline for the next 7 years according to the US Department of Labor.

So, if you want to get involved into this area because you like it, there is a great way to do it by starting your own printing business and not looking for a job. You just have to find the right approach and a niche market.

See a tool to help you with your printing needs here.  Finding a niche within the printing industry is very likely. Greeting card prints, specialty printing, packaging printing, and branding for small  businesses in your local area, could make a great niche market opportunity for you. No matter where you are, local services are an untapped market.

People are doing lots of research online for this kind of services (printing)  in their local area. You could check this out by using Google free keyword tool.

3. Visual Communications:

This is another great option among careers in desktop publishing.  Communicating via visual aids involves a wide range of activities.
For starters, book layout design and book cover design are in great  demand even when there are software packages now available for this purpose. This software is oftentimes quite expensive, so there’s  opportunity here.

Creating illustrations and computer generated images for all kinds of  communications, particularly for the entertainment industry could be
included here. Graphic design as well as multimedia artists and animators are two great careers within this category.

This could involve creating advertising videos, music, and other  entertainment products, not only for TV or radio but for online publications as well. Mobile advertising could be included here.

The demand for effective communications is huge today. The amount of communications the consumer is exposed to, today, demands for increasingly much better and effective ways to connect with the  audiences using not only very clever copy but also images to support such messages.

4. Advertising:

Advertising and promotions is another of the new exciting possibilities of the careers in desktop publishing.

Opportunities here include, among many others, advertising layout and design for magazines, newspapers, online or in print. Tip: Start your own advertising agency producing advertising and promotional materials.

Branding is another great opportunity. Create full branding packages for small business start ups.

Corporate identity packages involve creating a unified look for business cards, envelopes, letterhead, postcards, and newsletters electronically or for direct mailing, brochures, and covers for annual reports.

Here, you could also include creating promotional materials like flyers, posters, catalogs, and promotional gifts for loyal clients.

These are great careers in desktop publishing that represent great  business opportunities for the new era.

Don’t be left behind and make the move. Start a desktop publishing  business today!

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