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Definition of E-commerce

Definition of E-commerce The Meaning Beyond Its Definition. Want a definition of ecommerce?  What is ecommerce? Why it’s a verb and not a  noun. Learn the meaning behind a mere definition. What it could really mean for the average folks looking for biz opportunities today. A plain definition of ecommerce is this: It’s the delivery…

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Drop Shipping Business

Drop Shipping Business Is a drop shipping business is a frisky or risky business? Discover it by reading my other articles in this section.  Learn about the right way to tap into this biz model as well as other alternatives. I know you will hear all around the internet that this is one of the least…

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Internet Business Models

Internet Business Models: Innovation At Full Sprint   The world wide web has come to completely revolutionize how businesses are conducted using this relatively young medium. Traditional business models have completely turned outside down. Some have completely disappeared, while others reinvented themeselves. Internet business models have given birth to total innovation revolution! The traditional marketing…

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