Craft Consumer Market

Craft Consumer Market


Get better understanding about  the craft consumer market.  It'll help you design a product that appeals to your market and sets you apart from your competition.

In this site I am referring to laborintensive and time-consuming specialized crafts, and not to hobby crafts involving quick projects.

Firsthand knowledge of the craft consumer market is a very important step for starting a home craft business successfully.

I would start by visiting flea markets, crafts fairs, trade shows, specialty stores, and others related. Doing research online is another great way to get your hand on great information.

Understanding the craft consumer market is useful in many ways. In this  article we will focus on using this information to identify features and  benefits that should be incorporated into the product development and innovation stages of your business.

This requires great skill, discipline and training. The benefit of making this effort is creating a product that truly appeals to your target market and potentially become your distinctive mark over competitors. If you are serious about starting a home craft business give this step priority in your business planning.

My experience as a craft business owner has led me to observe this market is trend-driven and highly specialized.

The priority for crafters and artisans for product innovation is to keep  looking out for market trends in color and design to adapt these  changing conditions.

As for basic product development stages, the next 7 conditions appear as constant with little change.

In general, consumer crafts should meet these conditions:

1. Handmade entirely or just a few processes with machinery.
2. Ethically, socially, and environmentally produced.
3. Portray the cultural heritage or tradition of its region.
4. Crafted with the highest quality standards.
5. Contain a full description of the production process.
6. Contain the artisan's biography.
7. Unique and exclusive.

These conditions are not arranged in order of importance as it is varies according to the region.

Use this information wisely as it could make the difference for your branding and marketing efforts. It could set your business start up on solid ground.

Finally, making efforts to transfer your customer's tastes and preferences into your product could potentially establish you as the best on your market, even before starting a home craft business.

I would try to understand the craft consumer’s tastes and preferences, long before starting a home craft business plan. Remember, this kind of consumer crafts is highly specialized and exclusive.

Try as much as possible to expand on your research and make it a habit.  It is the best you can do to stay on top of the game.