Craft Ideas By Collections

Craft Ideas By Collections


Craft Ideas by Collections helps you get organized and make the product development and design process easier.

Keep in mind that if in the future you want to sell to medium to large retail store chains, they will require you to have your product lines organized into collections.  The more diversification you offer, the better your chances to get your products accepted for sale there.

What is a collection or product line?  This means to put together related items by materials, colors, and design.

An example of this could be when designing handbags.  Design smaller purses for cosmetics, for coins, for sunglasses, and a belt so that all match together with the same fabric, or the same accent, and same color.

Then name that collection, like the "sunflower collection.” Depending on the target market you want to reach, having collections of products or specific product lines makes your chances to succeed greater.

For instance, if you are trying to sell your products to large companies, or large retail chains, presenting product lines or collections is a "must.”

However, if you are going to sell retail or to the high-end or a niche market, this way of presenting your products is not a "must.”
However, if you come up with smaller collection sets, it always helps to make a better impression and says a lot about your professionalism.

In addition, organizing craft ideas by collections or product lines makes it easier to develop collection sets because you can keep in mind all possible choices during the product development and design stages.

Home Decor Craft Ideas:

Craft ideas of this collection include: accessories and gifts, accent furniture, portable lamps, area rugs, wall décor, lighting fixtures, tabletop and tabletop accessories, collectibles, soft goods, artificial flowers, garden, outdoor living.

Within this category I include Garden Craft Ideas such as garden decorations or accessories, sculptures, vases, planters, and outdoor furniture.

Gift Craft Ideas:

Include the previous category plus: greeting cards, souvenirs, bath & spa, toys, stationery, souvenirs (tourist shops), corporate gifts, gifts incentives, event favors, wedding favors, and baby shower favors.

Lady’s Accessories:

These craft ideas include: small leather goods, handbags, purses, hair accessories (good prospect), belts, bandanas, sarongs, some clothing.
Jewelry is part of this category but there is lots of competition so, yourproduct would have to be truly outstanding.

These are some craft ideas by collections or product lines that sell well in the craft market place. Try to incorporate some of these for starting a home craft business and remember to focus on the high-end or a niche market, as your chances to succeed are greater here.