Craft Ideas By Consumer Market

Craft Ideas By Consumer Market


Craft  ideas by consumer market or type of consumer, might help you identify the kinds of crafts to make when thinking about starting a home craft business. In addition could help you identify appropriate distribution channels to sell these products.

Traditional Fine Crafts:

Consumers in this category purchase true works of art. Regional products made by an artist   following the traditional design of the area of residence.  So, no matter where in the world you are, if your country has these kinds of crafts you could become very successful.  Remember the more unique and adaptable to the market trends is a key success factor when marketing these products.

Unique pieces really, targeted to the high-end market in museums, galleries, private collectors or foundations. Craft ideas in this line include: paintings, sculptures, tapestries, rugs.

Artisanal Crafts:

These are handmade products using traditional methods and raw materials.  Workshops and artisans that produce items with ethnic appearance and historical relevance belong to this category. The designs in these products reflect the national heritage.

Prices range from medium-high. These products are sold in specialty stores or in craft exhibition centers.

These craft ideas by this consumer market include: home accessories, wall hangings, rugs, tapestries, jewelry and other women’s accessories like handbags, belts and scarves.

Commercial Crafts:

Products made with the traditional methods but adapted to the market tastes and needs. These are highly influenced by color and design trends on the market with still an ethnic appearance and national heritage reflection.

The target prices are low to medium and prices driven by market demand. These products are sold at souvenir stores, tourist shops, some department stores in the home decor sections.

Make your own t-shirts, small desk and home and kitchen accessories, wall hangings, belts, key chains, hats and caps, mugs, pens, scarves, backpacks and bags. Start designing yours today!

Manufactured or Mass Produced Crafts:

Since this line represents a threat for handmade products, I thought it would be good for you to know what challenges you will be facing on the market.

These are mass produced using machinery with handmade appearance.  These do not follow the tradition but patters and designs are borrowed from different ethnic groups.

Prices range from low to medium. These are sold in global chains,  tourists’ shops and department stores.

These craft ideas by consumer market help to make more targeted efforts in the direction you want to take for starting a home craft business. You are now a step closer to identifying who your potential customers might be and where to find them.