Craft Ideas By Region

Craft Ideas By Region


With these craft ideas by region you will learn what to look for in your local area, or discover you are already making crafts that sell to start your business.

We believe that no matter where you live, you can find and source great crafts for starting your home craft business.

Local or Traditional Artwork: Is your business going to focus on making Local or Traditional Artwork available to people in other areas?

If so, you need to find high quality artisans around you who have a unique flair.

Patriotic Craft Ideas and Americana: Another possibility would be crafts that focus on things like patriotic or Americana. These crafts would appeal to a different group of people. These products could include everything from pillows to furniture.

Therefore, if your craft business is looking in these areas, it may be beneficial to become even more specialized and determine how large or small you’re going to go with your crafts.

Time Period Crafts and Collectibles:Maybe your business will focus more on these crafts that remind people of a simpler time with nostalgia or the quality of antique craftsmanship.

These kinds of crafts could include the faceless dolls popular in the Amish country of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana. These dolls are associated more with a historical home than they would be a particular geographic region.

Ethnic, Tribal, or Primitive Crafts Ideas: These are crafts made by ethnic or indigenous groups of any particular region in the world. Even in first world countries there are still some ethnic or indigenous groups, for instance, the Native American Indians from the United States.

Celtic Art from Europe and other European Folk Art are other examples of these crafts. However, it is more common to speak about ethnic, tribal or primitive crafts from third world countries.  These regions are the major exporters of ethnic and tribal handcrafts in the world.

These are just some craft ideas by region that I believe are important to consider when thinking about starting a home craft business.

We believe that no matter where you live these kinds of crafts are available one way or another. If you can't find crafts that are unique to your living area, you could still start a business promoting your region. For instace, what is your area famous for?

We hope you now have a better idea of what to look for in your local area.