Crafts That Sell

Crafts That Sell


Which are the Crafts that Sell really?  Do you need help finding the kinds of crafts that sell well in this market place for starting a home craft business?

The kinds of crafts that sell and that I used for my business come from my local markets. The Guatemalan and Panamanian Artisans who make one of a kind items.

I chose to work with local artisans who have a long history of developing their style and craft that goes back for generations.  That is because I am trying to introduce a flavor that's specific to my region. That is what my customers expect.

I get original craft materials from local artisans to make my own crafts. In  addition, I get other  products which are complementary to my product line. As you start your own home craft business don’t feel you have to do it this way. There are many other successful ways to do it.

Before staring your home craft business, keep in mind your best chances to succeed are in the high-end or niche markets, which means selling Retail, either online or off.

Why? If you focus on a niche or high-end market your product will be very exclusive and price is not so much of a concern, although "the value" must be there.

On the other hand, if you focus on producing for lower income markets, there is a lot of  competition particularly in price. Price is something home businesses cannot compete against in the lower-end segment.

There are several categories under which you can develop your product line. It is best if you can come up with collections of items within each category. Here are the kinds of crafts you can focus your market research before starting a home craft business.

Remember, all these items should be mostly handmade and with the greatest quality given your target is the high-end or a niche market.


1. Traditional Fine Crafts.
2. Artisanal Crafts.
3. Commercial Crafts.
4. Manufactured Crafts or Mass Produced Crafts.


1. Home Decor Craft Ideas.
2. Garden Craft Ideas.
3. Gift Craft Ideas.
4. Lady's Accessories.


1. Local or Traditional Artwork.
2. Patriotic or Americana.
3. Time Period Crafts.
4. Ethnic, Tribal or Primitive.
5. Other Regions.


1. Holiday Craft Gift Ideas.
2. Especial Occasion Crafts.
3. Seasonal Craft Ideas.


1. Fiber.
2. Metal.
3. Glass.
4. Ceramics.
5. Wood.
6. Basketry.
7. Recycle.

These are some ideas of the kinds of crafts that usually sell well in the  craft marketplace. Use these basic product ideas for starting a home craft  business and remember to focus on the high-end or a niche market as your chances to succeed are greater here.