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Sales Fact:

Information products continue to rise as more and more customers continue to learn.

It's obvious that more and more people are coming online to seek out information on the internet. They not only do research, but they buy the information. In fact, the Internet has change the way people find information.

Just like you, we rely heavily on Google and other search engines to find information, find news, and more. In fact more and more television stations and newspapers are creating online versions to keep up with this demand.

The Problem:

The demand is huge. Due to the demand, millions of Online informational products are being created. However, tons of these products are low quality products, created without much thought.

So imagine you spend a week creating a product, only to realize that people are refunding your product and leaving unhappy. You are frustrated because you don't know why this is happening. You spent time and perhaps even lots of money.

You walk away angry or sad. Don't let that be you. In fact it is easy to fail in this industry if you do not know what you are doing and understand most importantly, what your customers are looking for.

However, that is why we were able to get a successful product developer to show you what he is doing, to let you in on the secrets. You see, given the right product development blueprint....if you know how to create good quality products at top notch speed, then you should have no problem succeeding at this.

The Solution...

As mentioned earlier, creating a bad product can increase your refunds and support requests. But knowing how to create the product the right way will yield the opposite results. You will have happier customers who will want to buy from you over and over again.

With our blueprint you can earn even more if you have the right approach to creating your product using this video series. Learn how to create your own info products successfully.

It takes the same time and effort to create a great product as well as a bad one. So let’s save a ton of time and money.

Here's The...

Infopreneur Starter Guide! 7 Part Video Course


This step by step 7 part video series, takes you by the hand and shows you how to create quality information products the right way! There's no theory involved here like other video series.


Here's a list of this 7 part video series in more detail...

Video #1: Introduction to the Infopreneur Starter Guide

In this video we’ll discuss what you need to know before creating your own Info Product. We won't be showing you how to create all sorts of products, instead, our main focus will be on information that takes the form of videos and reports. This system is so easy to implement, you can create a good quality product within 5 days or less.

However in order to succeed, you do need to watch the videos and complete them. Too many people fail because they either read or watch training material and don't attempt to take action. If you are ready, then read on. You'll be given a quick overview of the video series in this section, the tools you will need to get started, and how it works.

Video #2: What Increases and Decreases Conversions

You’ll learn one process of thinking that will forever change the way you create quality products. This process is the difference between a successful and failing product.

You’ll also learn what mistakes you can possibly make and how to avoid them. You see, if the product is created incorrectly, it can increase refunds and support, thereby making your customers unhappy and you as well.

Video #3: Planning For a Good Product

After you understand the makings of a good product, it's time to plan for your own product. Where do you start? What kinds of products can you create? Should you create them in the form of a Video, Ebook, or Report?

Which is better? What increases and possibly decreases the perceived value of your product? All these questions will be answered in this video.

Video #4: Super Fast Salesletters

You might be probably wondering: "Why in the world are we creating the salesletter before creating the product? Seems a bit contradictory right?" Creating the salesletter before creating the product, will in fact yield a better quality product.

Why? This is because by creating the salesletter, you will understand your audience better, their problems, solutions, and possible loopholes you would have missed out on.

In this video you will learn how to create super fast salesletters in less than 3 hours. Most salesletters can often take half a day to a day to finish, but I'll teach you my most guarded secrets to creating a quality salesletter in less than 3 hours.

Video #5: Creating Your Product

Once you have finished the salesletter in video 4, it's time to create your product! Where should you begin? There are different avenues you can take when you create your product.

You can indeed create your own info product once you have done the proper research and planning. In fact, spending about 80-90% doing the planning and research yields better results.

Then it’s time to make the product look pretty. This takes about 10-15% of the time.

Video #6: Create a Training Area

As you will see in the process we’ll show you, creating a training area will actually help decrease the amount of possible refunds and support inquiries you receive.

What about forums? We’ll tell you why we don’t actually recommend forums, and what avenues you can take to make things better and easier for your customers.

In fact, we’ve found that forums just create unhappy customers and eventually an unhappy you. Should you create a video training center or can you just use reports and PDF files? These questions will be answered in this video.

Did you know that you could be creating your info product the wrong way, thus increasing future refunds and support issues? These issues could become a huge waste of time and money! Get this complete video training by subscribing to our newsletter below. You'll get instant access. Learn how you can create a quality product fast while decreasing refunds and support requests at the same time...

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