Definition of E-commerce

Definition of E-commerce

The Meaning Beyond Its Definition.

Want a definition of ecommerce?  What is ecommerce? Why it’s a verb and not a  noun. Learn the meaning behind a mere definition. What it could really mean for the average folks looking for biz opportunities today.

A plain definition of ecommerce is this:

It’s the delivery of products and services from business to consumers and business to business, in exchange for money.

Such transactions are done using the internet as the digital platform where this new business model is going take place from now on.

But… What it really means?

For the first time in history, the average folk can compete head to head with the mainstream company. The internet has become an even playing field, offering many new advantages for the small business targeting niche markets online.

NOTE: When people hear about ecommerce, most think its about selling hard goods only via the internet. However, it involves selling digital goods, as well as, hard goods and services. Most people I know get these mixed up.

Small means great these days online. Small businesses are doing big business. This is one of the thousand things ecommerce has led to.

Want a definition of ecommerce?

It’s the most exciting business opportunity of this new century. Like the gold rush in the 19th and 20th centuries, ecommerce today is the first gold rush of the 21st. century, and everyone is allowed to participate because it’s so affordable.

This new way of doing business is here to stay and I would think, no one would want to be left behind.

So, what is e commerce beyond a plain definition?

Next, see what it could really mean for the average person:

1.  Freedom, flexibility and self-reliance.
2.  Fulfillment by where anyone can achieve whatever they want to.
3.  Endless possibilities for the average person.
4.  It’s the global small business infrastructure.
5.  A place where small biz can compete against large companies.
6.  The most affordable home business opportunity out there.
7.  The platform where there's no geographic boundary.
8.  The world where only the imagination and death are the limit.
9.  The place where the average person can build a brand of one.
10.  The place where anyone can successfullyparticipate on.
11.  Anyone can build future equity and happily retire.
12.  The land where the best careers of the future can be built.
13.  Great savings on business operation costs.

So, let me tell you what ecommerce is for me in 4 words, quick access and convenience.

There are many different types of e-commerce but there are two particular types I will mention here as these could be feasible business models for the solo-preneur.  One is eBay and drop shipping.

The technology available online has empowered almost anyone in the world. The products and services that help ecommerce to take place are so affordable that anyone can exploit them for their own benefit.

Although, some services have still some limits as to which countries they serve, these are expanding every day. And, soon enough, they’ll be at anyone’s reach in the world.

Again, want a definition of e commerce? Here's the process that best defines it:

1. Develop or source a great product line.

1.1. The best products to sell online are...

1.2. Other Products to sell online.

2. Build a store that sells that great product.

3. Attract and drive targeted costumers to your store.