Entrepreneur Personality

Entrepreneur Personality. Do you have what it takes?



Do you have the entrepreneur personality and didn’t know? Learn whether you are or could become an entrepreneur.

Personality is similar to character.  It is the whole nature of a particular person.

Notice the word, whole.

This means that their personality is made up, not only from their natural traits, but also from what they’ve learned

and experienced throughout life. On the other hand, Character is defined as the behaviors which make a person different from another. This means we can embrace the personality of an entrepreneur, even when we don’t have the character in itself. This is how I approached it.

Imagine you are putting a puzzle together. Your personality pieces inside the entrepreneur personality (controller) puzzle.

It was easier for me to first be certain about my personality type.

So, I needed to understand my motives, strenghts, weaknesses, inclinations, and roles. Then I could focus on learning the qualities of the entrepreneur. Maybe it’s not for everyone but, it did help me put things into perspective.

What I found on my research is that we all share a little of each personality type. This is why from these 4 general types, 16 different combinations emerge.

Next slide show has the 4 general types and the main factors that describe each. Get the big picture first.

I believe we were all born with the entrepreneur personality. However, each one of us has obviously taken on different paths. Paths shaped by our environment, upbringing and DNA.

If we can learn from some else’s experiences when given advice, why wouldn’t we be able to learn from the person we want to imitate? Isn’t this why, at school teachers made us read biographies of great leaders or influential people?

The controller persona has traditionally embodied the entrepreneur personality. However, successful entrepreneurs draw from strenghts and inclinations of the other types because they complement each other. Even they, need to improve and learn new skills.

It's true that we all have a little of each personality. It's also true that, most people aren’t naturally inclined to the entrepreneur personality traits. Reason why, there aren’t many entrepreneurs. As a result, becoming an entrepreneur demands for a serious, active and conscious effort.

Easier aspects to modify are new ways of thinking, behaving, and skills. The most difficult are feelings as we’re dealing with emotions (subconscious). Emotions are at the core of who we are. Some people are much more emotional than others.

We might not be able to change how we feel, but we can keep our emotions under control. When emotions play a role in what we do, we act without thinking. They are kind of automatic or impulsive behavior.

So, can we become someone we are not? Can we acquire the entrepreneur personality? Or… shall we just be practical and embrace it, only because that’s what we need to do?

I did it, only because I had no other choice. I neither had the inclination nor desire to start a business. It was not fun at first, I have to admit. Later, I learned to appreciate the "new me.” And finally, I started to actually enjoy and benefit from it. This is the best decision I've ever made.

Let’s put this puzzle together, shall we?

1) Identify your strengths and inclinations. Try fitting them into the entrepreneur personality puzzle.

2) Detect your weaknesses and seek to improve them. What changes do you need to make? Try finding a place for these pieces into the puzzle.

3) Identify the roles you’ve played at work and in society. This shows how you relate to others and the role your emotions or logic play. Think about how would you feel about embracing new feelings and emotions?

Do you see where these pieces would fit?

As always, expand with your own research. The only scientific information here is in slide show (the 4 personas in us by Hamish Somerville). Then, I'm sharing with you, how I applied it to myself and how it turned out for me. I put it together this way, so that it would be easier to visualize and learn.

This is how I successfully embraced new attitudes, which significantly improved my business and personal relationships.

This new gained knowledge helped me tremendously to face challenges, recover from setbacks, overcome fears, and stay positive at all times.

Are you ready to adopt new ways of feeling, thinking, and behaving?

Start putting the puzzle together and meet the new and improved you! Ready for business.  Order your Entrepreneur Mindset Secrets and discover the way to entrepreneurship.

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