Freelance Work Online

Freelance Work Online

Freelance work online:  Discover a different approach to becoming a successful freelancer from your home in today’s competitive world.  No matter whether you’re an experienced one or just starting out.

When referring to freelancing, most people see it as independent work or as self-employment done from home.  This is partly true.  Freelancers seing it this way, are probably the segment of freelancers that are having a hard time making a full time income.

Why?  Their focus is very narrow.  When you think about freelancing if you want to make a full time income, you should see it and approach it as a business.

Doing freelance work online or off requires you to actively seek to land new projects and clients.  Because...  What happens when you are not able to land a project?  Or, not enough projects to make it through the month?  Well, No projects mean No income.  So, this is why you might hear a lot that many freelancers are struggling.  The reason again? The wrong approach towards freelancing.

Freelancers already succeeding are mostly those who had a great network of friends or colleges OFF-line and they were able to leverage their contacts.  Word of mouth and personal or professional referrals are their main source of clients.   This is true even when freelancing sites have been in full swing for some time now.

However, even experienced freelancers are always on the look for more freelance work at home.  Unless they are able to land a big client with recurring projects, they will always have to keep looking for new clients.  This is one of the most important challenges freelancers face today.

As I see it, another of the main reasons why this is happening even to experienced freelancers is that, most have not yet began to tap into the power of having an online presence.  Online they could create  different sources of income without relying thus, on only one...selling their services.

What about those who just got started doing freelance work online and those just thinking about it?

If you are an aspiring freelancer how are you going to land that first job?  And, what about being able to generate an income for the long run?

There are tons of sites where freelancers are selling their services.  The problem I see with this is that there is a bidding war all around these sites.  How can newbies compete against this?

On the other hand, the advange of these sites is that you can start building a network.  People will start getting to know you and when you land the job, the clients may write reviews about your good (or bad) performance.  However, competition is fierce.

For those just starting out and even those with experience, I have a feeling that you could also benefit from discovering other ways to grow your freelance work online from the comfort of your home.  Remember, freelancing should be approached as a business, and as such it requires proper planning and organization if your aim is to build a sustainable future income.

This is why, here I’ll be sharing with you some of my experience in this area and also my personal research about how to become a successful freelancer.

I hope the info. I'll be sharing with you will help you make a more informed decision as to whether you want to pursue doing freelance work online.

Freelance Work Online