When you begin using a web hosting platform that you have not used previously, or in case you’ve never had a web hosting account whatsoever in the past, the new account management interface (called hosting Control Panel) will take a little time to grow familiar with. Even though the basics are almost identical, every Control Panel has got its own distinctive characteristics and performing given operations may differ with different Control Panels – for instance, setting up a new database and assigning a user to it. In addition to testing how to accomplish different things, you can also check some step-by-step articles, or, better yet, you can watch tutorial video clips and see for yourself what you ought to do and where you ought to click. They will spare you a significant amount of time and will render administering your account much easier due to the fact that you will not have to examine various options to find the one that you in fact need.
Video Tutorials in Shared Website Hosting
All our shared website hosting plans include a custom-developed Control Panel, which is an unbelievably intuitive and simple to work with, which suggests that you will have no difficulty doing anything you desire. Even so, we've assembled an elaborate video library that comprises many how-to clips dedicated to every single Control Panel section and the options that you can access through it. In case you wish to find out how to create a brand-new MySQL database or to set another PHP version, for example, you can check the exact steps you have to abide by. We have gone the extra mile – we’ve selected a number of instructive video clips as well so as to offer you a clue as to what error and access logs are, or what CPU load is, for example. You can browse all the available tutorials at any moment, or you can see only the ones that are related to a certain section of the Control Panel.
Video Tutorials in Semi-dedicated Servers
The Hepsia Control Panel, which is available with our semi-dedicated servers plans is extremely intuitive, but to make it even more easier to work with, we’ve prepared tens of how-to video clips, which will let you know how you can accomplish de facto everything. Setting up a new email address, picking a different PHP version for your hosting account, forwarding a website with an .htaccess file or exporting a database are only a couple of examples of the topics that the videos embrace. Every time you go to a certain section of the Control Panel, you will see all applicable tutorial videos for it. In case you would like to browse through all the videos, you can access them via the shortcut at the bottom of Hepsia’s main page and when you are there, you’ll be able to see not only demonstrations of various functions and features, but also informational video clips that will introduce you to topics such as “What are access and error log files?” or “What is CPU load?”.