How Does Affiliate Marketing Work Exactly

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work Exactly?


Learn how does affiliate marketing work and become a high-earning affiliate champion!

It works by selling other people’s (merchant’s) products for a commission.  Using your website to drive your visitors to another site (your merchant’s site) is a form of online marketing.

Affiliate marketing is also called a revenue sharing program.  Your online business is your website. To tap into an affiliate marketing opportunity you must have a website related to the merchant’s products.  Then you must apply to enroll and be accepted (it is free to enroll). So, this is in general how does affiliate marketing work:

1.Once accepted, you start attracting targeted visitors to your site providing the information they want. Remember there is a right process and tools to make it work.

2. Next, you start making recommendations about products or services that best meet their needs by driving them to your merchant’s site. They must be motivated enough to want to click on your recommendations.

3. Your merchant partner pays you a commission when your efforts to send him your site’s visitors turn into sales.  Most programs now work on a pay per action basis. Some still work on pay per lead. Usually hard goods affiliate merchants pay 5%, 10% or 20% commissions on sales. The best affiliate marketing opportunity comes from  digital products merchants. Their commissions run from 20% to 50% and even more.

The affiliate marketing opportunity on the net is overwhelming, that's why you'll need to focus on your theme.  It is very important to analyze and understand how each potential partner works.

The products that you’ll potentially represent must be the best on the  market that you can find. Why? Because it costs a lot to establish your credibility, as to let it disappear by recommending products that don’t stand up to the expectations.

Another important aspect to consider when choosing a merchant partner is whether it supports and empowers your sales efforts. For many programs you’re on your own as far they are concerned.

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