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The next idea generator for business will help you see things upside down. By thinking outside the box you'll be able to have a different perspective on things than you usually do. This would also open up your mind and hopefully you'll start see things as you never did before.

Being able to see things from a different angle is also a trigger for innovation. Innovation that's so much needed when thinking about starting a new business. So, do use this tool and think of it as you're going to make a great discovery and create something amazingly different than your competition.


The Approach or The Pathway: Refers to the methods used or steps taken to carry on with a task or problem. Do this exercise from a business point of view and start by taking an existing business concept, business idea, business problem, or business opportunity and test it against the 7 challenges on the first "The Approach" column. The challenges are: invert, integrate, extend, differentiate, add, substract, translate, graft (adapt), and exaggerate.

The result of bending, breaking, and stretching the "normal rules" is the generation of new alternatives or ideas relatively quickly.

Finally, analyze and review the new ideas and try to see whether one or some of them would make a new business idea or innovation.

Next, here is a tool you can use to start generating business ideas.  The first page is the explanation of how to use the tool, and the following page is in blank so you can use it for you.  Click the download link below the sample tool...

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Taken from:  Development Impact and You (Nesta) / CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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