Infopreneur Business

Starting An Infopreneur Business


Starting an infopreneur business is easy and it doesn't require much investment other than time and effort to get started.

This is not such a new business model but it does have a new face in light of living in the information age. If you have a hobby, interest, special knowledge, or experience you already have more than half of what's needed to get started today.

Your knowledge is the main raw material you need.  Now, you just need means to set your infopreneur business up the right way and take advantage of all the opportunities and income potential that living in the information age have.

Harold F. Weitzen registered a trademark for "Infopreneur” in 1984.  (the first use was "newsletters dealing with computerized information processing”).  However, this term has now taken a life of its own and does not apply to newsletter publishing only.  It mostly applies to selling information online.

This is why information sellers are called infopreneurs.  They are in the business of providing and selling information packed in many different digital publishing forms.

Infopreneurship as a publishing platform has allowed anyone to become the entrepreneur of the 21st. century.  In the past entrepreneurs took on risk and engaged in the business of selling and manufacturing physical products mostly.

Now, entrepreneurs are starting their infopreneur business and are mostly engaged in packing and selling information rather than manufacturing or sourcing physical products.  They have become information publishers.

Remember that living in the information age has made information the new currency.  So, those looking to become entrepreneurs would benefit more from becoming infopreneurs as it does not involve the risks and capital investment that the traditional business (entrepreneurship) of manufacturing or sourcing of hard goods for resale.

Infopreneurs today create and aggregate content or information.  They develop info-products based upon their own knowledge, experience, special interest, or familiarity with a subject matter, at low costs.

There are others aspiring entrepreneurs-infopreneurs who have good research skills and are able to produce info-products as a result of their research on subjects that they don’t necessarily know too much about.  However, their research and communication skills allow them to create to create a very unique, new, and high quality info-product.

This is why living in the information age has great advantages because anyone can become an expert at something without huge monetary or time expenses.  Again, information is the new currency, remember?

Content creation is on high demand on every subject you can and cannot imagine.  And, the best chances to succeed is to target untapped niches.  It doesn’t really matter whether this niche market is small because this means less competition and the opportunity to become the big fish in a small tank, rather than another small fish in a huge tank.

Many online marketers say they prefer markets with competition because this means more sales.  This is partially true, but with so much competition, how are you going to stand out?  You need a lot of hard work and skill to be able to compete in such a market.

So, which scenario do you prefer?  It’s your call really!  Here are just some pointers.

Content can be created in many different ways and an infopreneur can create one product and convert it in as many different digital products as possible as well as sell it in all platforms available.  This is to be able to diversify and increase the chances to reach the desired audience and actually sell.

Info-products to sell are for instance, journals, magazines, newspapers, directories and databases, books, news, blogs,  electronic information services, podcasts, teleseminars, e-zines, consulting, training services, videos, courses, and multi-media presentations and coaching.

The distribution platforms are not only online, digital, web, web 2.0 publishing, in print, and mobile, but also in print.