Print On Demand Publishers

What Print On Demand Publishers Can Do For Your Biz

Why and when to use print on demand publishers?

POD publishers offer writers and author the option to have their books printed on a demand-only basis. One book or a few books will be printed for writers according to customer demand.

By using this model any writer-author can order just one book for printing using digital printers. Costs could run around $5.00 to $10.00.

Traditionally the only economical way to have your book in print was by printing hundreds or thousands of books at time. There was actually no other way to get around it.

This model offers the greatest advantage ever. The new trend is to publish e-books mostly. Even when e-books are less expensive and their demand is growing, some people still enjoy reading from print.

There also those who just don’t want to print it out from their computers and prefer to order an already printed book.  Most print on demand publishers are just in the business of printing books, not necessarily distributing them.

Some might offer full service where some distribution channels are included. However, marketing and promoting is always the writer’s responsibility.

Publishers or writers should be flexible enough to adapt to market trends. In today’s technology there are other ways to distribute books such as audio and mobile phone formats.

To tap into these new opportunities publishers should make their books available in all formats possible.

POD is here to stay, so if you want to become a published author today, it  would be good to be flexible by adapting to the changing conditions on the market the same way any entrepreneur has to, in order to be competitive.

In addition, this is a much better way to sell your books that in the past  and your earnings could also increase significantly.

Print on demand publishers are making this model a very attractive one for new writers and authors. Almost anyone can become a self published author today. Remember these companies are not in the business of publishing your book in itself.

They’re in the business of printing or manufacturing your book only.  However, there are some that do.

When to use print on demand publishers?

If you believe you’ll only be able to sell more than 5, 10, or 20 books, POD is the right choice.

This is also a good choice when you’ll only sell a few copies per month of your book or when the book has run its course in the market and eventually someone might order a copy.

Don’t use this system for promotional purposes because it’s too expensive.  For the first promotional efforts it would be best to start with a small run of 500 copies.

Here’s what you should evaluate when choosing among print on demand publishers:

What’s their set up fee, if any?

Is there an annual maintenance fee?

Are you able to set up your retail price?

Will you keep 100% copyrights?

Will you set your profit?

Will you make at least 60% profit?

Will have a non-exclusive contract? This means you can publish with several POD publishers at the same time.

Some print on demand publishers offer additional services for relatively low costs such as, cover and book design, editing, ISBN (International Book Standard Number), Library of Congress number, and others.

Keep in mind that you would be better off with a POD publisher that’ll offer all of these services in full packages.

The next books offer full detail about how to become a successful self published author and everything there's to know about it, including POD publishers.