Starting A Catering Business

Starting A Catering Business


Starting a catering business is one of the most exciting and fun activities to get involved at for those who love to cook.  It presents good business opportunities as this is one of the industries which will continue to grow given more schools, universities, sports arenas, and company cafeterias contract food services from third parties.

When starting a catering business try to first to network with party or event planners for weddings, birthday parties, religious ceremonies, meetings, and conventions.

The reason why is because these events are still the major contractors for this service. At these events, food is always the number one concern and with the highest expectations.

As a caterer, you’ll need to prepare budgets for events, menus, food, beverages, and desserts. If you are a chef or have years of experience as a cook at food courts and restaurants you might be ready to start your own business.

If this is the case, the skills you’ll need to master are business related. So, getting training from the business side of catering will give a head start.

Starting a catering services business successfully will depend on the demographic area you want to cover, the culture, consumers tastes and preferences about contracting this kind of service, effective marketing, product differentiation, and the most important of all, superior service. Providing the best service you possibly can is your best marketing strategy.

This will make people want to tell others about you, so this is how word-of-mouth spreads virally and to your benefit. Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth. It’s one of the best ways to spread out the word.

Traditionally you would use a yellow pages ad as one of your promotional strategies. However, starting a catering services business in the information age gives you so many more advantages.

Promoting your business online opens doors to multiple income opportunities beyond selling your service as a caterer.  This is why having a web presence will not only boost your orders by 1,000 than old yellow pages, but also many other income opportunities you might have never thought of.

Are you up to it? Open your mind to new ideas.

If you do decide this biz is for you, either online or not, the better prepared you are, the more successful you could become. So, here is an online course that will help you get polished and ready!