Best way of getting a book published?

Best way of getting a book published?


Let me share here what I found about getting a book published and how you can do the same.

Also, Learn about the new book publishing model that has revolutionized the publishing business making it accessible for anyone who wants to do so.

Most people probably start by writing their book and later see if they can sell it. I thought it was a good idea to start by finding out first, about the process of getting a book published.

I’m glad I did it this way because it gave me a better perspective on the subject to write about and whether there’s a market.  Knowing that you have great chances to sell your book, before actually writing it, is a great motivating factor. Remember that what you’d consider a good subject, other people might not be interested.

So, a good way to start is by checking out best sellers at Amazon or The New York Times. Find out what’s trendy or what people are interested in reading.  Getting a book published in the traditional way makes it very difficult, if not impossible, for any aspiring author. This doesn’t mean your work isn’t great.

All it means that it’s hard to get a publisher to actually read your book.  And then afterwards it’s another challenge to get your book published even if a publisher read it.

Remember the frustration at school when you thought your research paper was great, and your teacher did not think the same? It’s very similar with the traditional way of book publishing.

This is why it’s so great to live in the information and technology age. It opens doors to new and exciting possibilities for everyone.

So, the new model has especially opened doors in the book publishing industry for aspiring and established authors alike. Today, anyone can self publish with almost no barriers. The old way is going away.

Self published authors have achieved great success without the help of a publishing house. For example: Richard Nixon, John Grisham, Stephen King,and L. Ron Hubbard.

There’s nothing wrong with self publishing. Today, there are many successful self published authors. The information era has changed how book publishing works.

It used to be a daunting task. First you had to get an agent, then draft a proposal, then sign with a publisher, then proofreading (according to Dan Poynter in his "Writing Non Fiction” Book).

Most publishers even today don’t read new authors’ manuscripts as opposed of already published authors.
The old way of getting a book published: It’s Very hard to get published at all.  It takes at least 18 months to find out whether the book will be published  or not.

You have to give up the rights to your book.
You don’t have control over the content.
You don’t have control over the creative design of my book.
You don’t have control over pricing or royalties.
Your royalties are very slim (this is the percentage the publishing company will pay you when one copy of your book is sold).

The marketing and sales efforts are your responsibility. The same applies if you self publish.

Advantages of getting my book published the old fashioned way:


My Greatest Discovery?

To my pleasant surprise the best way to getting a book published is by doing it yourself. It gets even better if you’re new at it. If you self publish the steps dramatically come down to typesetting, proofreading, and printing. You are published! (by Dan Poynter).

Self Publishing Advantages, the new way: Getting a book published on you own will allow you to:

Get published.
Retain your copy rights.
Have total control over contents.
Have total control over the creative design of your book.
Have total control over pricing.
Have total control over royalties.

Make 80-100% markup, depending on the distribution model you choose.  Disadvantage of both models:

You have to put in all marketing and sales efforts the same way if you had your book is published by a big publishing company. So, it makes no difference whether you self publish or not when it comes to marketing and promotial efforts.