Which Affiliate Merchant Partner

Which Affiliate Merchant Partner To Do Biz With?

Here are some tips about what to look for, from an affiliate merchant partner.

There are many things to consider when deciding about who to partner with as for merchants is concerned.  It is best if you join a merchant from a recognized affiliate marketing networksuch as Clickbank, Linkshare, Commission Junction, Google Affiliate Network, and many others that are well known.  Why?

This is because this companies have to go through an approval process from these giant networks, so they have to be for real and there’s not a chance they can commit any fraud against you.

Then, here are some of the most important things to consider:

1. No affiliate merchant should charge you for participating on their program.  All affiliate programs online are free to participate, but a lot of merchants reserve the right to accept you as their affiliate.  This is normal.  Also, check their policies as some of them don’t accept affiliates from certain countries.

2. Check how and when do they pay commissions.  Some use Paypal, and not every country has access to some services.  Some, pay by check and via ACH.  So, it all depends on where in the world you are.  Also, make sure that the programs you join pay no later than 30 days after a sale takes place, or at least once a month.  Longer than that is not usual.

3. Check also for the merchant’s reputation, how long has it been on the market, how much traffic it gets, and whether some other affiliates are making good or bad comments about them on forums or blogs.

4. See how long your affiliate cookies (mark) lasts.  Cookies are like your marks on the system and it shows when a visitor has come from your site to the merchant’s site.  They are used to track sales and this is how the merchant can tell a particular visitor came from your site.

The longer the cookies last, the better for you as visitors rarely buy the first time they visit a site.  So, later when the visitor comes back and purchases something, you’ll be credited the commission if this happens withing the time frame.  Some merchants offer 30 day cooki, but the best ones offer one year long cookies.

5. Look for merchants that  offer better commissions.  For instance, merchants with hard goods that need to be physically shipped pay very low comissions, about 5% and at the most 10%.  However, those selling digital products pay much better from 30% and up to 75% commissions.   In the past, 75% could look suspiscious, but today is no longer the case.  In Clickbank.com you’ll find this to be almost the norm.

6. Look for merchants that offer a variety of sales and promotional material for you to use.  For instance, nice banners, nice webcopy, sales pages, videos, and so on.  This means that the merchant cares about their affiliates and is taking a step further to support the affiliate’s promotional efforts.

7. Finally, read and understand well the merchants terms and conditions that you should be bound with them before signing up.  There might be some issues you might not be confortable with.  Beware that some networks might cancel your account if you don’t produce a sale in 6 months, Commission Junction for instance.

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